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Jury Pools and why they are needed

We have been asked many times why so many jurors are needed and what is a jury “POOL”?

  1. A jury pool is a group of qualified jurors that are readily available (in the jury assembly room) to be assigned to a case, normally 16 to 20 in number.
  2. Jury trials can start anytime between 10:30 and 12:00 or anytime between 1:30 and 4:00pm. The Jury Commission will normally know 10 to 15 minutes in advance of the trial start time, which is why this court’s volume prohibits any type of “on call” program. This is also why the court needs 50 to 60 jurors ready to go to a courtroom anytime during these time slots (10:30 to 12:00 AND 1:30 to 4:00)

Keep in mind that Ohio has 88 (eighty eight) counties and many different types of jury management programs. Many smaller jurisdictions use an “on call” system because their case load allows just that.

You as a Juror

Have you been called to jury duty or have no clue what that means or what to expect? Check out this 11 minute video from CourtNewsOhioTV about you as a Juror in Ohio's Judicial System.

Mound Street Construction Update

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) will begin a major construction project on March 5, 2018, that will directly impact county employees and visitors to the downtown complex, particularly those parking in the Fulton Street Parking Garage (34 E. Fulton Street).

Please be advised Mound Street will become one-way heading west from 3rd Street to High Street and will be restricted to one lane for the duration of the project, which is anticipated to last at least seven months. This will be an active construction site during business hours so please use caution.

All Fulton Street Parking Garage entrances and exits will remain open during construction. As a reminder, monthly parking pass holders may exit the garage utilizing either the Mound or Fulton Street exits. Daily parkers will continue to exit on Mound Street and must turn left (west).

Please see below link for ODOT’s maps and driving directions during the Mound Street construction.

ODOT I-70/I-71 Project

Possible Phone Scam

The Franklin County Municipal Court has become aware of telephone scams by identity thieves targeting members of the public. They call, claiming to be jury staff requesting social security numbers to supposedly stop warrants from being issued for not reporting for jury service. Jury employees never contact potential jurors by telephone and would never, under any circumstances request any personal or financial information over the telephone.

The Court suggests that you hang up on any caller who claims to be a court employee seeking this information. Similar scams have been reported recently in other Ohio counties as well as other states. We urge all members of the public to be aware of such scams and be careful not to reveal confidential information over the telephone.


The Municipal Court's Jury Office is located on the 9th floor of 375 South High Street.

  • Jury Commissioner Tom Shields
  • Deputy Jury Commissioner Robert Condon
Contact Information

Secure Wi-Fi Hotspot available for Jurors